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What good's PR?


Dirty Laundry.001Most of what passes for Public Relations these days is either promotion or crisis management.

Occasionally, the two intersect, as in Lance Armstrong's recent forgiveness tour.

But in reality PR's ability to create a good reputation is quite limited. And it's capacity to restore one is even more dubious.

Reality always trumps perception, even though many people confuse the two.

That doesn't mean I think PR is irrelevant to reputation management. On the contrary, it's essential.

But good PR flows from what you do, rather than what you say. A good reputatiton is built in the doing, not in the saying. And the same goes for restoring a battered reputation.

I explored these ideas more fully in a recent piece for the Conference Board Review's web page, which you can read here.   

Nobody likes their dirty laundry exposed. But rinsing it in bleach after the fact is hardly a cure.


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