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Our Semi-flat World

Flat_worldHarvard's Pankaj Ghemawat takes issue with Tom Friedman's famous dictum that "the world is flat" in his own book on the marketing implications of globalization. Setting aside metaphorical conflations of  geometry and geography, Redefining Global Strategy: Crossing Borders in a World Where Differences Still Matter lays out a practical action plan for global businesses.  You can get a good overview in Harvard Business School's Working Knowledge blog.

9/11 is over

Friedmants190 Tom Friedman's column in the Sunday Times ranks as the most-emailed article in the paper as of this morning.  With good reason.  Read it here. And read the equally provocative reaction here.  Now aren't you happy the Times opened its opinion pieces to all readers?  But don't you also understand why they thought people would be willing the pay to read them?