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Fearful Superpower

Newsweek's Fareed Zakaria traces the roots of anti-Americanism to fear -- not that of other countries towards us, but our fear of the rest of the world. He warns that that fear will not necessarily subside when a new president moves into the Oval Office. Fearful_superpower

"Ever since the (9/11) attacks," he writes, "the United States has felt threatened and under siege and determined to carve out maximum room to maneuver. But where Americans have seen defensive behavior, the rest of the world has looked on and seen the most powerful nation in human history acting like a caged animal, lashing out at any and every constraint on its actions."

The presidential primaries give Zakaria little reason to believe attitudes will soon change.  "Republicans are falling over each other to paint an atmosphere of dire threat that requires strong, even brutish action to protect the American people. Democrats, while far less guilty of fearmongering, have been afraid to combat this hysteria."

It's a compelling argument.  Read more here.


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