Finger on (and from) Massachusetts voters
First Anniversary

It's the process, stupid!

Poxonhouse My Republican friends (I think I still have a few) shouldn't take too much comfort from my previous post.  The Washington Post released a poll over the weekend confirming the anger behind Scott Brown's victory in the Bay State senate election. But it also made this point:  

"Among Brown's supporters who say the health-care reform effort in Washington played an important role in their vote, the most frequently cited reasons were concerns about the process, including closed-door dealing and a lack of bipartisanship. Three in 10 highlighted these political maneuverings as the motivating factor; 22 percent expressed general opposition to reform or the current bill." 

The GOP Congressional leadership made a calculated decision to play rope-a-dope with the president to block his agenda and ultimately win seats back in the mid-term elections. Some have misread Brown's election as vindication of that strategy. In fact, the election of a relative outsider may be the Bay State's way of saying "a pox on both your houses."  Kind of what they did in 2008.


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