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Links Justin Fox channels Milton Friedman on the recent Supreme Court decision opening corporate coffers to political campaigning. If companies are allowed to play a decisive role in setting "the rules of the game," Fox argues, "the inmates are in charge of the asylum."

PR firn, Edelman, issues its annual "Trust Barometer" in time for the Davos Economic Conference. This year's edition shows that trust in business and government is rising slightly, at least among the "informed publics" interviewed. Not surprisingly, banks ranked towards the bottom of the list of trusted institutions, falling from 71 to 33 percent over the last two years. 

"At what distance from misery can you see yourself having a good time? Is it 100 miles? Or 250, or 1,000?"  David Berreby explores what a luxury cruise line's decision to dock at a beach in Haiti reveals about the human mind.  Empathy appears to be a function of distance.


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