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PR Do-over?

BP-popup E. Bruce Harrison is a wise friend who has written two books on the subject of environmental public relations.  

So when he describes an oil industry executive's speech as "a masterpiece," I have to listen.

And when the executive in question is BP's CEO Bob Dudley (in photo above), my antenna really go up.

 Well, that's exactly what Harrison did in a recent blog posting.  I checked out the speech, and you can too right here.  What impressed Harrison can be summarized in three short phrases -- “BP is sorry. BP gets it. BP is changing.”

 That's easy to say, but Dudley's speech delivers the message in a credible way.You can read Harrison's analysis here. 

You seldom get do-overs in PR. If the New York Times' coverage of his speech is any indication, BP may have that rare opportunity. 






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