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Spilling the tea

Spilled tea So what's the deal with the Tea Party?  

Are they a healthy "critique" of the Republican Party, as Peggy Noonan claims?

 Or are they a more strident version of conservatism?  

Some new research by the University ofWashington Institute for the Study of Race, Sexuality & Politics suggests the latter.  

They asked the following questions of conservatives who claimed to be Tea Party members and those who said they weren't.  The results are startling.

                  % Agree           

Non-Tea Party     Tea Party

Obama's destroying the country          6                      71

Obama's policies are socialist            40                      75

Hope Obama's policies fail                32                      76 

Hope Obama's policies succeed         53                      18


Remember: all these people self-identify as "conservative."

This may spell trouble for John Boehner in the short term, as he tries to corral his troops into some kind of compromise on budget and debt legislation.

And it may portend an emerging split in the GOP going into the 2012 elections.







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