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LumberjackYou can take a longer view of life in semi-retirement.

For example, I used to think of job progression in terms of my own career, i.e., moving from AV specialist to something more significant and satisfying.

Now, I view it in terms of my kids and grandkids. I'd like them to have even happier lives. And, since a good part of their lives will be spent at work, I'd like them have even more satisfying careers.

According to, a job-search web site, public relations -- in which I spent most of my career -- ranks #70 on a list of best and worst jobs.  That's right between industrial machine repairer (#69) and medical laboratory technician (#71), but way better than lumberjack, #200.

Some of my ancestors were lumberjacks so it's nice to know that eleven generations later I moved the family up the list.

Number 1 is software engineer, and I have high hopes that one of my three grandsons will dream up the next Google or Facebook.  

Meanwhile, I'm doing my bit. Since retiring, I have slid back on the list of best and worst jobs.  

Author ranks only 113. That leaves plenty of head room for my kids and grandkids.


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