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OtherWise Home Page

Everybody and everything has a home page these days.

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My new book, due out in June but available now for preorder on Amazon and Barnes & Noble is no exception.

Thanks to my friend Michael Kwan, OtherWise has a home page. You can reach it at www.Othrws.com.

Once there, you'll find an overview of the book, some excerpts, a discussion guide, and a couple of surprises.

Many thanks to Michael and to another friend, Jonathan Struthers, who introduced me to him. Comments and suggestions, as always, are welcome.Signature


Oops, www.Othrws.com. doesn't work

OtherWise is an excellent book which has good suggestions on how we need to function in a changing world dealing with different cultures. Both Colleges and Universities should consider providing courses on understanding and working with people of various persuations based on the information contained in this book.
The statistics quoted in the book reinforce that while globalization is important,it will be even more so in the changing world of the future.

yeah, it seems the page doesn't work..

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