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OtherWise P&G

P&G ChinaP&G is one of the most OtherWise companies in the world.

It demonstrated that again today by announcing that it will move the headquarters for its personal care business to Singapore, where its baby care business is already headquartered.  

Only about 20 people will make the actual move, but it's another sign that the company's future growth is outside the U.S., particularly in Asia.

P&G was relatively late to foreign markets, at least compared to its chief competitor, Unilever. But it quickly learned that it couldn't simply peddle products designed for the U.S. market in other countries.

In fact, P&G built its market leadership in countries like China by sending researchers to live with local families, observing how they did the dishes, changed the baby, washed the laundry, etc. Then it reformulated its products to meet local needs, tastes, and customs.

Today, almost every global consumer company knows that it must take that OtherWise approach to foreign markets.

But few have reduced it to such an art as P&G.


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