Are we still a land of opportunity?

Great to see you out

Gay adWe'd all like to think the actions corporations take are guided by doing what's right.

Those of us who worked on executive row know the real world is a lot more complicated.

But one question seems to consistently resolve the thorniest moral dilemma: which action has the better payoff?

So a recent story in the Wall Street Journal may explain why more companies are paying attention to their gay customers.

It quotes Bob Witeck, a consultant who has studied the gay community for 20 years. He estimates there are roughly 16 million gay adults in the U.S. with projected spending power of $790 billion this year, or roughly $49,000 each.

That compares to annual per capita spending of about $26,000 for the overall market.

Add the millions of people who support greater inclusiveness based on sexual orientation, and it helps explain why companies like J.C. Penney, Target, and Miller/Coors are suddenly becoming OtherWise. 




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