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On DeadlineTwo friends and former AT&T colleagues -- Carole Howard and Wilma Mathews -- just published the fifth edition of their book on managing media relations.

On Deadline quickly became the standard college text on the subject when it first came out in 1985.

This edition likely will be just as successful since it's been updated with new case studies and to reflect the implications of globalization, technology, and social media.

This is not a guide to dodging reporters' questions. On the contrary, it's point of view is that media relations people's primary job is to help reporters do theirs.

It's the most thoughtful, practical, and insightful book I've seen on the subject.

(Full disclosure: I was honored to be asked to contribute to the book and I'm quoted several times. Still, it's a good and useful read.)

Amazon doesn't seem to have the fifth edition in stock yet, but it's available directly from the publisher or from CourseSmart at a nice discount.


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