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ColumnoInteresting stuff I picked up in my morning reading. Though it might take Columbo to figure out the significance of some of it.

Men with small testicles are more likely to be caring fathers. It seems that testicle size is a function of sperm production, which requires a lot of energy. So men face a trade-off between investing energy in parenting and investing energy in mating effort, according to the Emory University anthropologist who co-authored the article in the journal Neuropsychologia.

There are four ways one spouse can embarrass another, but only one requires marriage counseling.  The most simple is "empathetic" when one spouse feels the other's embarrassment at doing something like knocking over a glass of wine. The second is "relective" when one spouse does something the other finds humiliating, like speaking loudly during a theater performance. "One-sided" is when your spouse does something like break-dancing at a wedding but isn't the least bit embarrassed. And finally "targeted" embarrassment is when your spouse directly embarrasses you, whether intentionally or not, by revealing something intimate or private about you. Sometimes the embarrassment caused by these actions is all in your head, according to the Wall Street Journal. But guess which one could require marriage counseling. (You don't have to be Columbo to figure this one out.)

Also in the Journal, the worse time to brush your teeth is immediately after eating. Apparently, eating increases the acidity of your mouth demineralizes your teeth making them more susceptible to abrasion and decay. Chewing cheese, on the other hand, will make you salivate lowering the acidity in your mouth. So I guess you should end every meal with a foot or two of string cheese.

Finally, eating fruit can improve your health, but some fruit is better than others. Topping the list: blueberries. According to a study reported in the New York Times, eating one to three servings of blueberries a month decreases the risk of diabetes by about 11%, and having five servings a week reduces it by 26%. My wife says she's known about this for years. She may even have told me about it.

I'll stop now so you can all head to the supermarket.






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