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SnailmailYou may have heard: the web site isn't working very well. The Obama administration will throw legions of techs at the issue, and someday -- maybe in our lifetimes -- it will stop crashing.

Meanwhile, here's a radical idea: why not prepare printed summaries of the health insurance plans available in each county and mail them to every home in America?

This is one case where snail mail might actually be quicker than a so-called "electronic marketplace."

The Post Office could use the revenue, but if that isn't practical, at least put copies on the web in a "brochures shoveled onto the Internet fashion." That might be out of date, but it's better than being out to lunch.

At least people would then know what is available. They wouldn't get the specific cost of their plan, but at least they'd have a ballpark idea.

It would reduce the anxiety of all the people who are getting cancellation notices from their insurance companies. And it would counter the imaginary horror stories being spread by opponents of the health care law.

It should even be possible to give people a ballpark calculation of the subsidies they are entitled to based on their income.

It won't solve the problem -- signing up for a plan will still require more personalized attention -- but it could help.


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