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My Greta Garbo moment

Greta-in-flesh-and-the-devil-greta-garbo-4319278-720-544Ms. Garbo famously said, "I want to be left alone."  I know how exactly how she felt.

The Democratic Party, the party of my parents and grandparents, is driving me nuts.

It all started about a month ago, when in reaction to some crass stupidity on the other party's part, I contributed $100 to the Democratic National Committee. It was supposed to be a one-time contribution, but I soon discovered it had magically turned into a monthly contribution through my credit card account. That was soon rectified with apologies all around and I bore no grudges. Stuff happens.

I can't even remember what idiocy prompted my donation.

However, ever since I made it, I have been receiving increasingly desperate emails from my friends Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Joe Biden, Barack Obama, and a host of people writing on their behalf. I'd say I've averaged about two or three such emails a day. Okay, so I'm now I'm on a mailing list of juicy prospects. It's easy enough to steer these pitches into my spam file. 

But now I'm also getting phone calls every other day from the Democratic National Committee, Nancy Pelosi's office, or other dark corners of the Beltway. When I ask to be removed from their list, I'm politely told that they will do what they can, but I should know that political groups aren't covered by the strictures of the Do Not Call legislation. I think that means I will continue to get calls.

I'm now thinking about paying someone to get me off these lists. Except that I know I will then be on the list of whoever can pull that miracle off, and who knows where that will lead? It could result in a donation to the Republican National Committee.