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There's an app for that

Make ethical decisionThere's a phone app for practically everything these days, from buying movie tickets to hiring someone to walk your dog.

Now, thanks to Kirk Hanson at the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics, there's a free iPhone app to guide you through ethical decision-making. (Screenshot on the left.)

It covers all the essential considerations, from utility, rights, and justice to the common good and virtue. It doesn't make the decision for you, but it helps clarify and weigh all the issues you should consider. 

The only downside is that it assumes you know what concepts like "utility,"  "justice," "rights," "virtue," and "common good" really mean. (Of course, you can learn that by reading the new book my friend Boston University professor Don Wright and I recently wrote.)

In the Apple app store, look for "Ethical Decision Making." (Apparently, there's no Android app yet.)

For that matter, check out the Markkula Center website itself for excellent commentary and analysis of issues in business ethics. It doesn't feature public relations issues -- the closest it comes is journalism -- but the sections on business ethics, the environment, the Internet, and character development are extensive.



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